Shri Rudram: A Sacred Vedic Hymn for Purification, Blessings and Upliftment

Vidura Barrios & Music for Deep Meditation

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Shri Rudram is an ancient Vedic text and part of the Krishna Yajurveda. It is a powerful hymn in praise of Rudra, or Shiva. In the mystical tradition, Shiva represents the consciousness within everything, the pure essence within all, referred to in the Hindu scripture as Sat Chit Anand: Truth, consciousness and bliss. It is in the Shri Rudram that the great five-syllable mantra, Om Namah Shivaya is first mentioned.

You might simply listen to the chant during meditation, or you could chant along. The vibrations of the chant purify the atmosphere and mind, fill your being with peace and vigor, bestow protection, and coupled with a pure intention, have the power to grant your wishes, including liberation.

This album is a labor of love and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to a worthy charitable cause. May the practice of chanting the Shri Rudram bring you countless blessings.

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