Sweet Repose : World Music and Orchestral Sounds for True Relaxation With Tom Rossi

Music for Deep Sleep

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Tom Rossi's Sweet Repose is a musical journey toward peace, calm and relaxation. Using a variety of acoustic and ethnic instruments from across the world, Rossi creates a lush sonic world that exists outside the stresses of daily life. This amazing combination of ancient and contemporary sounds unfolds into a rich sonic tapestry, carrying the listener away from anxiety and worry to a place of relaxation.

Purely recorded for maximum sound quality, the three lengthy compositions on this CD feature amazing performances on acoustic instruments, lending authenticity to their inherent beauty. You will hear cello, swaramandala, hammer dulcimer, singing bowls and more.

Droning, lush, rich with melody and space, Tom Rossi's compositions will thrill your spirit while soothing your soul.

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