Deep Rest: Guided Meditations & Yoga Nidra Relaxation

Guided Meditations with Christine Wushke

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There is a place within us that is always in a state of perfect health and harmony. These meditations have been created to support the unleashing of your full expression of health and wellbeing, and to unlock the power within to find your natural equilibrium.

This CD provides you with simple and powerful tools that will allow you to tap into this harmonious energy within and experience perfect health, deep rest, wholeness and wellbeing.

The recording consists of the following tracks:

  • The Allowing Practice Meditation: This meditation can be used to heal emotions by bringing about a profound shift in perception. This meditation is a relaxing, simple and profoundly effective approach to emotional healing and freedom.

  • Breath Nourishing Meditation: In the yoga tradition your breath is recognized as a vital and life-giving force called prana. With this meditation, you will unlock the unlimited healing potential found within your breath.

  • The Healing Meditation for Deep Rest is designed to invoke a deep healing sleep or deep relaxation. Let yourself fall into complete relaxation and nourishment on your way to sleep, or simply when you need a relaxing catnap. This meditation is deeply relaxing and nourishing on many levels.

  • Yoga Nidra Relaxation: The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra puts the body and mind into a natural state of deep rest similar to sleep, in this state very deep healing can take place on all levels.

  • Classical Indian Flute Bonus Tracks: The Bamboo flute from India is one of the most ancient instruments in the world. Specific ragas or melodies were chosen that are said to be especially conducive for evoking a state of tranquility.

Each Guided Meditation with Christine Wushke CD is made with the utmost care and integrity of content, providing powerful vehicles for deep rest and relaxation. We invite you to explore each one.

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