The Four Paths of Abundance: Meditations on Lakshmi Vol. II with Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D.

Music for Deep Meditation

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Abundance. How wonderful it is to contemplate the sensation that there is always enough, that there is a rich, easeful, and continuous outpouring of prosperity and wellbeing. When we tap into that sensation consciously we can actually increase its palpable presence and expand our experience of it. Learning to draw upon that sensation and to dwell in it is an art that brings infinite rewards in every dimension of our lives. This album offers guidance and experiential meditations to draw forth your own prosperity consciousness and to apply it to four basic areas of your life.

In India, the beloved goddess Lakshmi embodies abundance and prosperity in all of its forms. This goddess appears as a lovely, radiant woman with sparkling eyes that emit a gracious glance. On a deeper level, Lakshmi exists as the undifferentiated energy of prosperity. This is the rich, divine substance from which all forms of wealth are fashioned. According to ancient Vedic traditions, the prosperity of the goddess is expressed through a system of four equally important paths called arthas -- literally the "wealths" of your existence. Deeply contemplating and connecting to the divine energy of each of these paths can take you closer to achieving a rich, fulfilling life.

The meditations on this album, created and narrated by world-class expert on Lakshmi, Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D., will assist you in connecting with the abundant energy of the goddess. In each meditation you will be guided gently to relax, visualize, and experience the divine source-energy of abundance as it is expressed in a particular aspect of your own life.

We invite you to relax, get comfortable, and enjoy these journeys for attracting and manifesting abundance in your life. The more you practice these meditations, the deeper will become your connection to their inner source, and the more you'll experience the energy of abundance.

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