Mindfulness Meditations for Tranquility and Insight with Dr. Miles Neale

Guided Meditations with Dr. Miles Neale

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The first in a series of guided Buddhist meditation albums with Dr. Miles Neale, a contemplative psychotherapist and expert on the psychology of meditation. In Mindfulness Meditations for Tranquility and Insight, Dr. Neale introduces the ancient Buddhist practice of mindfulness, used for over millennia to refine awareness and foster introspective learning. Mindfulness has two aims: first, to calm and center the mind from its usual state of distraction and dullness; and second, to develop self-reflective knowledge of negative mental habits including obsession, repulsion and misperception. It is this powerful combination of wakeful tranquility and contemplative insight that leads to lasting freedom and happiness.

For those eager to begin a meditation practice of their own, Track 1 offers clear and concise instructions on how to set up and maintain a meditation practice at home. Tracks 2 and 3 provide guided meditations of mindfulness of breathing in brief and longer versions respectively. Track 4 provides ways of transforming difficulties encountered during mindfulness into opportunities for deepening one's practice. Finally, Track 5 offers a guided meditation on the traditional Buddhist framework of the "Four Applications of Mindfulness", to help students further refine the flexibility and precision of their awareness and arrive at new realizations about their own mental processes.

This new and exciting album represents years of Dr. Neale's investigation into meditation and psychotherapy and promises to be an important learning tool for those interested in discovering for themselves the transformative power of mindfulness meditation.

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