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Chanting of the Shri Rudram, an Ancient Vedic Hymn

Published on June 18th, 2012

The Shri Rudram is one of my favorite sanskrit texts.   The hymn is part of one of the oldest scriptures in the world, the Krishna Yajur Veda; it praises and invokes the divine in the form of Rudra, or Lord Shiva.   Shiva in its deepest meaning represents the consciousness within everything, the light of the Self within everyone.

This chant is really special.  The Shri Rudram is a great purifier that brings balance to the body and the environment; the mantras are full of energy and light.  You can simply listen and meditate on the sacred syllables or chant along.  Enjoy!




If you would like to have the transliteration of the Shri Rudram, the SYDA foundation has a great one: http://siddhayogabookstore.org/rudram.aspx

This video is produced by Inner Splendor Media, and part of our mission is to promote ancient mantras and texts and make them available to the wider public. To check out more recordings of Vedic mantras please visit us at http://www.innersplendor.com/vedic-mantras-2.html

The video was recorded at the Big Island of Hawaii.

Chanted by Vidura Barrios
Video production by Jeffrey Main


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